Low Carb Snacks That Kids And Adults Will Love

It's the highlight of any school day - recess. This is applicable to any grade-schooler. But as parents, we pretty much have to put healthy and low-carb snacks in our children's lunch boxes. Bear in mind that when a kid gains weight at such a young age, he will have a difficult time shedding the excess pounds when he gets older.

Cakes, candied cereals, ice cream, flavored popcorn, cookies, candies, muffins and all kinds of pastries may seem so appealing. I bet your mouth is watering simply by reading that passage. Sure these are low in fat, but take note, these are relatively high in calories.

\"low Carb\"

But there is a way for us to satisfy our sweet tooth craving the Low Carb Way. First of all, you must have the control to not reach in for the chips and crackers in between meals, or else you're engaging in a low-carb diet will turn out to be completely pointless.

Low Carb Snacks That Kids And Adults Will Love

A low carb snack must ideally have healthy fat, protein and fiber. If you are having eggs or jerky, you might as well have vegetables with it.

Here's a rundown of low-carb snacks you can consider munching on:

- Celery with tuna salad

- Celery with peanut butter

- Hard boiled eggs

- Pickles and cheddar cheese

- Berries and cottage cheese

- Nuts. Best serve when kept in freezer.

- Sunflower seeds

- Pumpkin seeds

- Jerky like turkey or beef. Find the low-sugar variety

- Shakes. Make sure it's low carb though

- Cheese sticks

- Sugar free jello

- Apple slices

- Sugar free yogurt flavored with berries

- Lettuce roll ups on luncheon meat, tuna, or egg salad

- Lettuce dipped in bean dip, spinach dip or other low carb dip

- Ricotta cheese with nuts, fruit or seeds

- Mushroom and cheese spread

- Low carb snack bars

Take note though that just because these are low-carbohydrate, these snacks are healthy. It may be popular and has already dominated the snack food companies and market but as a consumer, you must still be careful when choosing the low-carb snacks you will provide yourself and your family.

First off, low carb snack bars. There are tons of snack bars to choose from in the grocery. Not all of them provide good nutrition. Some low carb snack bars are there to maintain phases of low carb diets because they still contain calories. The sugar they have contain alcohol. Alcohol sugars in low carb snack bars will be difficult to digest and result to gas.

If you choose to settle for low-carb cookie mixes, then the best we can recommend are the low-carb chocolate chip cookies mix and the low-carb peanut butter cookies mix. Simply because, peanut butter is already an example of low-carb snack and chocolate chip cookies' sugar content is balanced out with the help of the eggs and butter (light) mix.

If you would like to try out low carb shakes, make sure to read the labels so you will have an idea of the nutritional content. Double check if the shake mix are low on glycemic.

As pointed out by Dr. Robert Atkins in his Atkins diet, the cause of weight gain is "stodgy" food like bread and potatoes. More often than not, dieters trying out the low-carb diet often complain that they miss eating bread. If it is any consolation, there are some low carb breads out there in the market. These low carb breads have added soy flour to the mix.

But that does not mean that this bread is wheat free. They are also not gluten free. So the best way for you to achieve success in the low-carb diet is to not eat bread entirely. Yeah, you will miss it but it is for the best.

Now, if you feel that you have been very good in sticking with your low-carb diet and deserve to have a binge day once in a while, you can do so. Does pizza sound good? Well, glad to inform you that there are low-carb crust pizza with healthy toppings that is most suitable for the low-carb dieter. Fresh marinara on pizza sauce added with goat cheese, basil, vegetables and tomatoes are enough for a dieter's mouth to water.

Being on a low-carb diet does not mean that you will repress yourself, it only means you have to regulate what you put in your mouth.

Low Carb Snacks That Kids And Adults Will Love

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