Where and How to Buy Low Carb Asian Noodles

The word is out! Low carb Asian noodles: the next best way to lose weight quickly and naturally boasting some pretty spectacular properties.

But if they are this good how easy is it to get ones' hands on them?

\"low Carb\"

Purchasing Asian noodles is not difficult I here you say. Almost every store has Asian or Chinese noodles for sale right? Wrong!

Where and How to Buy Low Carb Asian Noodles

Many of the Chinese noodles mass marketed in stores today are in fact wheat-based noodles. Check the list of ingredients used. Wheat or flour will often be listed. These noodles are often locally produced, and marketed as Chinese, instant or two minute noodles. These often contain up to 30g of carbohydrates to a 70g serving so they are definitely not low carb noodles. Zero carb noodels are mande from the amororphophollus konjac plantroots.

Low card Asian noodles are marketed as Shiratake or Tofu Shirataki noodles. They are available in most health stores or Asian markets. Alternatively there are many online suppliers that will ship these for you.

When do you buy these noodles?

Asian noodles are consumed in vast quantities, as it is one of the food staples of the Asian diet. So no matter where you purchase them they should still be relatively fresh. Even though they have a shelf life of up to a year if stored at room temperature, it is best to purchase them on an as required basis. They are available throughout the year.

They smell funny...

It is normal to be put off by the slight fishy odour of the water the noodles are packaged in. This is why rinsing them first in cold and then hot water is advised before use.

They feel funny...

Shirataki noodles are slightly rubbery in texture; this is due to the gel like substance they are made of. Tofu Shirataki noodles are higher in protein and have a more pasta like texture, however they can become very "chewy" when overcooked

But aren't they off?

Both wet variants of Shirataki and tofu Shiratake noodles are packaged in a fluid. It is the best way to naturally preserve them. This fluid however should be clear. If at any stage this fluid becomes cloudy the noodles should be considered as spoilt, and should not eaten.

So if they are not made of wheat, what are they made of?

Low carb Asian noodles are made using the potato or yam like roots of a plant known as the Devils tongue or Kojac.

This plant grows from fibrous tubers that are harvested and dried before use. It is used in Asian diets much as one would use potatoes in the western diet.

These roots unlike potatoes is low in carbohydrates and high A natural water-soluble dietary fibre known as Glucomannan. The root of the Kojac plant contains roughly 65% Glucomannan when dried of this 40% is gum. And it is this fibre that renders the noodles a miracle low carb food source.It is also the fibre that has seen low carb noodles listed as a low glycemic index food. Glucomannen is also marketed as a diet supplement.

When buying your low carb Asian noodles be sure to check the list of ingredients. If wheat or flour is listed you are not dealing with the bona fide low carb noodles.

Where and How to Buy Low Carb Asian Noodles

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